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Roy E. (aka Painkiller) started his musician career at a young age learning to play Piano and classical music. Later on he found himself on the drums studying and preforming with his Rock band for few years.
In the mid 90's Roy got connected to the Electronic music and a short while after he started to create and program his first electronic sounds and beats.
His First album was released in January 2007 on Nutek Records - "Brainwash". Painkiller was touring the world intensely at that time celebrating his debut album.
The second album came a year later 2008 "License to Heal", the third one in 2010 "Duty Freak" and the forth in 2011 "Painkiller & Friends".
Since 2012 till 2015 Painkiller kept his special color and released few eps like "Diverse Species", "the loop", "Sunscreen", "Along the way", and very special single called "Tangosh".
Roy (aka Painkiller) have another project with Yonatan (aka Bliss) under the name A-Team They have released 2 albums, a compilation and few ep's mainly on Nutek Records.
Today, Painkiller just released his new album "Deep Future", after working on it for over a year. This is the biggest, longest and most sophisticated album so far, including 11 tracks and a big variety of electronic beats. You may find influences from drum n bass, dubstep, chillout, tango and classical music.

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    • Tangosh
    • Deep Future
    • Along The Way
    • Sunscreen
    • The Loop
    • Painkiller & Friends
    • Duty Freak
    • License To Heal
    • Brainwash
    • Flamenco-Mania
    • Time Is Now
    • Hardfloor
    • Transmit
    • Diverse Species

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